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Aramid yarn fabric
Bulletproof and anti cutting yarn fabric
special yarn
Aramid filament
Aramid 1313 filament
Aramid 1414 filament
Aramid 1313 ply/twist silk
Aramid 1414ply/twist silk
Aramid yarn
Aramid 1313 single yarn
Aramid 1414 single yarn
Aramid 1313 ply yarn
Aramid 1414ply yarn
Aramid fiber sewing thread
Aramid 1313 sewing thread
Aramid 1414 sewing thread
Aramid 1414 filament sewing thread
Other accessories
Aramid 1313 cuff
Aramid 1414 cuff
Aramid 1313 hem
Working Gloves
The other line
Aramid yarn dyeing processing
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Product Name:Aramid 1313 hem and boling
Product Detailed:
Ingredients: 1 aramid 1414 aramid 1313 100% / 100%
Wide: 100-100 cm Cloth tube, mostly after wide open for cutting size
3 price: the unit price for more than 10 cm length to buy is not cut
4 thickness: age season clothing with half a metre weighs about 220-260 grams On a winter coat, down jacket with coarse rib oh (buying multicolor customers, cannot guarantee the thickness the same oh, each color is different, also will be slightly different thickness)
Purpose: protective clothing, heat-resistant and fire suit, etc
Other sizes have to still don't understand can ask customer service
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