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Aramid yarn fabric
Bulletproof and anti cutting yarn fabric
special yarn
Aramid filament
Aramid 1313 filament
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Aramid 1313 ply/twist silk
Aramid 1414ply/twist silk
Aramid yarn
Aramid 1313 single yarn
Aramid 1414 single yarn
Aramid 1313 ply yarn
Aramid 1414ply yarn
Aramid fiber sewing thread
Aramid 1313 sewing thread
Aramid 1414 sewing thread
Aramid 1414 filament sewing thread
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Aramid 1313 cuff
Aramid 1414 cuff
Aramid 1313 hem
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Aramid yarn dyeing processing
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Product Name:Aramid 1313 sewing thread
Product Detailed:
Aramid 1313
This is a kind of soft, delicate soft, shiny white fiber, appearance is no difference with ordinary chemical fiber, has set the longer than a suit, with extraordinary special function.
USES: mainly used to prevent nuclear radiation, high speed material, etc. Can also be used for special requirements of tire window line. Mainly used for anti-radiation coatings, aerospace coatings, also used in high temperature resistant coatings, honeycomb parts, high temperature wire tube, aircraft fuel tank, firewalls, reverse osmosis membrane and hollow fiber.
Fracture strength of 0.4 ~ 0.53 / cattle, elongation is 30 ~ 50%, the moisture regain of 6.5%. Acid, alkali, mildew, aging. The grinding, best corrosion resistance, strength and elasticity.
A thermal stability, durable
Aramid 1313 most outstanding characteristic is high temperature resistant performance is good, can be in 220 ℃ against long-term use without aging and its electrical properties and mechanical properties can keep ten years, and excellent dimensional stability.
Second, good flame retardancy
Material in air required for combustion volume percentage of oxygen is called the limit oxygen index, the larger the limit oxygen index, the flame retardant performance is better. Generally oxygen content in air was 21%, and aramid 1313 limit oxygen index greater than 28%, belong to the flame retardant fiber, so will not burn in the air, also not combustion, has the self-extinguishing. This stems from the intrinsic characteristics of molecular structure itself aramid 1313 permanent flame retardant, thus there are "fireproof fiber" laudatory name.
Three, excellent electrical insulation
Aramid 1313 low dielectric constant and the dielectric strength inherent in the high, low and high humidity conditions can maintain excellent electrical insulation, with its preparation of insulating paper breakdown voltage to 100000 v/was resistant, is the world recognized the best insulating materials.
Fourth, excellent chemical stability
The chemical structure of aramid 1313 unusually stable, resistant to most high concentration inorganic acid and other chemical corrosion, hydrolysis resistance, and corrosion of steam.
Five, the excellent mechanical properties
Aramid 1313 is the flexible polymer materials, low stiffness and high elongation properties make it have the same as the ordinary fiber spinnability, available conventional textile machinery processed into all kinds of fabric or nonwoven, torn and abrasion resistance, scope of application is very extensive.
Six, strong radiation resistance
Aramid 1313 resistant alpha, beta, χ rays and ultraviolet ray radiation performance is very excellent. With 50 kv χ radiation 100 hours, the fiber strength is still keeping the original 73%, while polyester fiber is already a powder.
Aramid 1313 many unique and stable chemical structure gives excellent performance, based on the comprehensive utilization of these features, developed a series of new products constantly, in filtration, electrical insulation, high security protection, more and more widely used in the field of structure materials, popularity is more and more high, military, industry, science and technology has become the indispensable important basic materials and many other fields.
Seven, common specifications

Ne20/2, 3, Ne30 Ne20 / / 2, 3, Ne40 Ne30 / / 2, Ne40/3

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