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Textile industry is not a sunset industry With more cross-border integration science and technology
Time:2016-07-30    Source:    Views:9419

Today, we are in an era of rapid change, the "snap" in bring us at a loss, not at the same time, also gave us calm and opportunities.

Throughout the global industrial development, it is not difficult to find that, at each change before arrival, the new pattern formation, in every new industry, new transformation, on the arrival of new growth or will get a "misunderstanding" is accompanied by a decline in some industries or situation. These industries are not irresponsible people labeled as "sunset industry", is to be public opinion direction ruthlessly thrown into "backward".

Like spring, summer, autumn and winter natural cycle, some industry along with the advancement of time, will continue to add new fashion and technology elements, and give it new "spirit and the kernel", and these industries also is bound to usher in a new development opportunities and dawn.

For decades, the development of Chinese textile experienced both the orgasm, and trudge through development. From the initial to the traditional pillar industry in our country national economy pillar industry, the important industry of the people's livelihood and the creation of new international advantages of industry, science and technology, clothing and fashion fusion of consumer and industrial industry shift, China's textile has experienced many mishaps, ups and downs, also have been misunderstood, even now, China's textile still misunderstood in many ways, too.

A misunderstanding: the sunset industry, behind the industry

Once upon a time, there is a view that the textile industry is a sunset industry, behind industry, is much less than the automotive electronics and other industries of national economy support, also offered to the eliminated some textile enterprises in some places; Most domestic Banks around the head also don't believe in the textile industry, think that the textile industry is a high-risk industry, dare not to textile enterprise loans. In fact, the textile industry for our country's GDP or still doing the important contribution. Apart from at the beginning of the founding of the textile industry in the whole country industry leader. Even if the present, under the bad environment of the national industrial development, the development of the textile industry is still a good steel, cement and other industries. Bureau of statistics data show that 1 ~ 4 month, in 41 kinds of industry in the country, 33 industry profit compared with the same period in 2015 to achieve the growth, the textile industry increased by 6.8%, better than 6.5% of the national average.

In fact, has long been a debate about whether the sunset industry textile industry. So, what is a sunset industry? Traditional industry must be sunset industry?

At present, a general definition is, the so-called sunset industry refers to tend to the decline of the traditional industrial sector of a kind of image appellation. Sunset industry related to the product life cycle, and some product technology is mature, continuous innovation dries up, market saturation, product homogeneity, competition is intense, profit is very low. According to this definition, it seems that some of the characteristics of textile industry and the sunset is consistent.

But the world textile although after centuries of development continues to go forward, although the development of China's textile through the many ups and downs, but no matter how bad living environment, as long as give a bit of sunshine, can again to life, moves towards magnificently, is bright. More than a decade ago, the RMB appreciation start stage, including the enterprise itself is calculated as a result of the economic circle and it if the yuan rose by 5%, the industry will loss, textile industry is facing the risk of failure. But our appreciation of the renminbi would have more than the proportion, and we did not fail. Said had joined the WTO, many enterprises, in accordance with the WTO rules, the textile industry will face the risk of "collapse", but as a result, we are far from "collapse", on the contrary, the development better.

As you know, as opposed to a sunset industry is a sunrise industry. Sunrise enterprise rises, in fact, many have entered the state of into the sunset industry countdown. An industry is a sunrise industry, or the sunset, not by the industry appeared successively on time; Also not by some experts and calm; Nor by the high and low level of the industry. It is by the market, as long as there is a market, a sustainable market, it is a sunrise industry. In this sense, the traditional industry is not the same as the sunset industry, for example, although the film industry is later than the development of textile industry, but with the popularity of digital cameras, fewer and fewer people using film, the film industry is disappearing, it should be said that it is a sunset industry. For example, a few years ago, people called polysilicon industry of high-tech sunrise industry, suddenly became the declining industry. With hundreds of years of development history of textile industry is not only not dead, on behalf of the world technology development direction of the United States, to revive the textile industry in recent years, it also puts forward the slogan.

Therefore, we can rightfully say that textile industry is neither a sunset industry, is not behind the industry. The industry is relying on high-tech, integrate with many fields.

Misconception 2: low technology content and added value

In the eyes of many people, the textile industry has always been a low technology content industry. There are such a view, is not without reason. First of all, as a traditional industry, in people's minds, the role of textiles for more responsibility or clothing to keep out the cold. Little imagine, with the development of science and technology, with the infiltration and fusion of multidisciplinary science and technology, the textile industry has already become or is becoming a "science and technology and fashion fusion, clothing consumption and industrial and the industry.

Textile with high technical content, has been a long time. Apart from the han dynasty was difficult to achieve even in today's science and technology under the condition of replication, more regardless of han and tang dynasties put under the condition of now the technology is also difficult to achieve. Even in today's China, the textile technology development has made great achievements, great changes have taken place. These changes are mainly embodied in the intelligent equipment, product function, spinning technology.

Intelligent equipment

The textile industry technology progress first performance in intelligent aspect of textile machinery. Shandong huaxing textile group, for example, has built the intelligent spinning production line adopts the world's first set of unmanned woven bag packaging conveyor system, from the winder yarn, conveying, variety identification, unloading yarn, stacking robot, manipulator crib, counterweight screening, to automatic bagging, woven bag into automatic, automatic labeling, automatic palletizing, automatic warehousing, outbound, no artificial directly involved in the entire process, is the real unmanned intelligent packaging transportation system, the production efficiency increased by 36%.

Big group to invest 160 million yuan to build the national "digital spinning workshop" through "E" system, the staff can be in production equipment operation, data quality, and even the temperature and humidity control, automatic lighting to achieve real-time monitoring, remote monitoring. According to estimates, big "digital spinning workshop" ingot labor only need 15 people, compared with the ordinary workshop original standard of 40 people, automatic and intelligent degree is greatly improved.

Shandong lutai textile co., LTD., the introduction of the world's most advanced automatic reeding machine can automatically reeding 140 root yarn per minute, efficiency is 8.6 times that of the artificial, a device can be a net savings of more than 30 people. Joint research with Kang Pingna company developed the first sets of annual output of 10000 tons of fully automatic bobbin yarn, warp beam, dyeing system, realized the control of dyed yarn of the warp beam, intelligent distribution.

The product function

The nearly two years since the launch of a series of high-tech textiles and clothing. America, for example, textile company developed a muldoon by micro fiber and lithium-ion batteries, automatically generate heat fabric; Northface launch of small lithium battery as the energy of the high-tech coat, clothes can use temperature regulator to adjust; Soldiers at the Massachusetts institute of technology institute of nano science and technology is also scheduled to start next month can develop bulletproof, gas proof, automatic heal soldiers, according to the environmental change color uniform.

In northern France - Calais straits to more than 30 textile enterprises of the textile club launched by optical fiber and the traditional weaving yarn woven "glow", can be widely used in signal signs, safety warning and the rear of the truck tarpaulin.

Japan Fuji textile company had developed a special chemical material, can help people needed for daily intake of vitamin C. South Korean clothing enterprises launched super floating textiles, textiles with 300, weight 130 kg, people can easily float in the water.

Spinning technology

Overflow of textile company, guangdong in 2013 captured eight worldwide technology research and development team, developed the 700 a yarn, 212% more than the most fine yarn thin, not only hit a record of the world's spinning line and keep up to now, and because there is no precedent, how to identify 700 British yarn also once befuddled by the third party testing institutions.

"Efficient short process embedded composite spinning technology", led by professor wei-lin xu wuhan institute of science and technology in shandong ruyi technology group and xi 'an engineering university researchers over three years. The technology is called "ruyi spinning", that is, want to use what kind of fiber with what kind of fiber spinning, think how much the yarn spinning spun yarn count, can be any combination. Implement the theory of spinning, spinning equipment, the spinning technology and supporting technology of four breakthrough, also has realized the high and low branch high spinning, make full use of resources, a variety of raw materials composition, saving energy and reducing consumption five big innovation.

Myth 3: market space disappeared, less competitive

With the development of science and technology, the textile products have also been penetrated into various industries. Both national defense, and health care; Both traffic, security, and have applied sports, entertainment, etc.

Medical and health textiles

Spun-bonded melt-blown health care with nonwoven fabric can improve the product properties, such as "three against"; Warp knitting hernia repair network, the structure of the soft tissue repair material, knitting artificial blood vessels, and other products has entered the stage of application or clinical trials.

Filtration and separation in textiles

Small bag dust removal technology makes the fine particles of dust emission concentration after 10 mg/m, achieve super clean emission standards, even be filter bag for more than 4 years; Coal-fired power plants bag dust removal technology application ratio from 10% to 25%, 100% proportion of the waste incineration application of bag-type dust collector, Water filter textile material and film materials have been extensively applied in sewage and waste water component and circulating water treatment system.

Geotechnical and used in textiles

Two-way and roughness of antiskid composite membrane development, improves the project quality and speed of south-to-north water diversion project; The development of high strength polypropylene geotextile, enhanced the geotechnical materials in alkaline soil environment persistent chemical resistance; Wide polyester long silk spinning sticky nonwoven tire products to improve the efficiency of waterproof material production and engineering quality, and break the monopoly of the same products abroad; Flame retardant, high strength the warp knitting polyester geogrid improved the efficiency and operation safety of coal mine supporting system; With optical fiber sensor and monitoring system of intelligent geotechnical material, soil reinforcement and structural safety monitoring and early warning integration functions such as solution.

Transportation in textiles

Home-made aramid fiber honeycomb core material batch used in high-speed trains and large aircraft project; Automotive aramid piping system, air bags, seat belts and other products to achieve the localization; Continuous fiber and high performance long, short wire reinforced thermoplastic thermosetting material increasingly play an important role in the field of auto lightweight; Nonwoven automotive interior trim materials to replace the traditional woven and knitted interior fabrics, have better cost performance; Recycling waste textiles fill inside the car shock insulation technology reached the international advanced level.

Safety and protective textiles

A new type of fire fighting and rescue service performance reached the international advanced level; A new generation of high performance military wars have to tame the multiple protective performance; Biological protective fabric composite structure can effectively prevent virus intrusion and lasting moisture perspiration performance; Domestic polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber composite fabric can meet the requirements of chemical protective clothing technology; Emergency evacuation of high-rise apartments, mine rescue, Marine engineering high-performance rope achieve significant breakthrough.

Enhance the textile structure

Semi-rigid panels, warp knitted material for a significant weight loss "tiangong 1 satellite; Glass fiber and carbon fiber composite material to reduce the wind leaf weight and prolong its service life; Large diameter high pressure software lose, can save tube has been used in national defense and emergency rescue. Large aircraft structure with carbon fiber composite material to realize mass production; Carbon fiber composite core material wires are widely used in transmission lines.

Myth 4: development space is small, there is no future

At present, the capacity of the textile industry the trend of overseas, the domestic enterprise also is in the process of transformation and upgrading, many companies feel economic operation situation is not very desirable: China textile labor advantage is weakening; Transformation of industry innovation ability is insufficient, the market competitive power is waning, industry of the future market development space is limited by a variety of factors.

But in fact it is not entirely true, recently the state council issued "made in China 2025", a new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, Marine engineering equipment and high technology, advanced shipping rail transportation equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, electric equipment, agricultural equipment, new materials, biological medicine and high performance of medical equipment and so on ten big advantages and strategic industry as a breakthrough point, strive for to 2025 reached the international leading position and international advanced level. Many projects in the field of the top ten is closely related to the textile industry.

Advanced textile materials

High-end industrial textiles: in 2020, absorbable sutures, independent industrialization of hemodialysis material, partly replace imported products; Meet hot, biochemical, static, radiation protection requirements; High temperature filtration, water filtration products performance meet the requirements of each application field; Geotextile materials meet the requirements of complex geological environment construction.

Functional textile new materials: in 2020, the flame retardant limit oxygen index st13 32, drop, drop water diffusion time ﹤ 1 s, energy consumption reduced by 20%. High-end products basic achieving self-sufficiency in 2025.

High performance fiber and composite materials

High-performance carbon fiber and its composite materials: in 2020, domestic high strength carbon fibers and composite technology maturity level 9, in areas such as cars, high-tech ships the size of the application; Strive to be 2025 years ago, the combination of domestic large aircraft research and development process, aviation parts with carbon fiber composite materials key components such as CAAC/FAA/EASA airworthiness certification.

High-performance para aramid fiber and its composite materials: in 2025, domestic para aramid fiber and its composite technology maturity level 9. Establish a unified, standard system of high performance fiber materials technology, conquer series high performance fiber industrialization technology, efficient preparation for match the domestic high performance fiber composite substrate materials, design technology, molding process, performance characterization and application verification and recycling, ensure that major equipment requirements.

A new generation of biomedical materials

Development of regenerative medicine products: 5 ~ 10 kind used in bone, skin, nerve tissue repair of bioactive materials, such as high-end regenerative medicine products with annual capacity of 5 billion yuan.

Functional plant/involved in products: developed 5 ~ 10 applied to cardiovascular, artificial joints, dental implants, visual recovery of clinical treatment, such as biomedical materials, high functional plant/interventional products with annual capacity of 3 billion yuan.

Medical raw materials: important raw material for localization, support the enormous quantity wide medical consumables, permeable membrane and biodegradable products such as instrument, achieve an annual output of 3 billion yuan scale.

Intelligent bionic and metamaterials

Controllable super materials and equipment: implement specific frequencies in the electromagnetic wave absorbing and through waves from the controllable switch, or put in a particular band absorbing or through wavelet transform for the radiation of electromagnetic wave.

Biomimetic adhesion regulation and biological separation materials: long-term implementation to Marine biological adhesive (3 years, less than 5%), environmental non-toxic; Implement efficient enrichment separation of adhesion control more than 99%; For 2 ~ 3 kinds of long-acting bionic Marine biological adhesion of coating materials and biomimetic efficient separation technology and equipment.

Flexible smart materials and wearable devices: "roll to roll" flexible bionic intelligent material production, achieve the electromagnetic adjustable, smart sensing, 0 ~ 360 ° arbitrary bending, compatible with the human body.

Can be seen from the above aspects, the textile industry is not only not the sunset industry, behind the industry, and it is implemented with multidisciplinary the cross-border integration of science and technology, it also suggests that the textile industry is an industry of keeping pace with The Times, the textile industry is a very broad prospects in the future.

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